About Us

About Pest Control Services Chula Vista, CA

CL Pest Control is the best pest controlling company in Chula Vista, CA. We will protect your home and family from nuisance and damaging pests. No matter whether your property has ants, mice, or bugs we will remove them all.

We have a team of highly professional and experienced technicians who have years of experience controlling pests. They are highly educated about every kind of pests and about the ways to control and remove them from any property whether it is an office or someone’s house.

We offer premier customer services through highly trained, friendly, and responsive workers. No matter what your issue is, our staff will listen to you calmly and will do their best to give a permanent solution to all of your pest related problems. Our technicians use the most effective and up to date materials and equipment for the safe removal of pests.

We keep detailed records of what we do and give you all the reports about the process and pricing. But don’t worry all of our services are available at very affordable rates. So, wherever you will need pest controlling service make sure to give us a try. And we will make sure to amaze you with our highly professional services.