Mice Removal in Chula Vista

Specialized Rodent Control & Mice Removal In Chula Vista

Pest Control Chula Vista specializes in applying the latest techniques of mice control in the most sensitive areas including food production areas, hospitals, and the residential sector.

The house mouse is the biggest problem anyone can face. They are not only a cause of trouble but also pose significant health and property threats. If you also face house mice infestation make sure to contact us and we will make sure to remove this infestation completely.

How Will We Remove All The Mice From Your Property?

We will remove all the mice from your property using the following process:


The first step will be a thorough inspection of your property. We will completely inspect your house for mice infestation. Our main focus will be on checking external buildings, open entry points for mice, and under construction areas. These areas have more chances of mice infestation.


Once we have found all the mice on your property our team will sanitize all the area for the controlling production of rodents.

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Underground Mice Control in Chula Vista


To make sure that the areas are mice-infested our team will study the mice behavior, type, and biology. It will help us to better understand where mice are inhibiting and feeding.


When the infested areas are finally identified, our technicians take necessary actions and create barriers with quick tools, poison, and traps. And then will place all these things according to requirement at safe and required points.

Is Our Process Of Controlling Mice Safe?

The methods we use and all the products and tools we use for controlling mice are completely safe for you and your environment. We place baits for mice at points with minimum human contact and with the highest rat eating.

The rat controlling medicine that we use is proven for 90% of mice getting killed as it causes immediate death of the mice. After eating the medicine the mice run towards open areas because of choking which makes them die in open places.

So there will be no dead bodies left in the corners of your place. It means your house will remain safe from rotten bodies of mice and their rotten odor.

Apart from poison we also use technology for controlling mice. We use ultrasonic rodent repellent which generates sound at a certain frequency that affects mice’s brain and is not tolerable for them. And make them die without causing any problem for humans or the environment.