Termites Removal In Chula Vista

Why Choose Our Company For Termites Removal?

The professional team of workers at Chula Vista Pest Control will make sure to clean your property from all the termites. We make sure to quickly and effectively remove all the termites from your place with as little disruption as possible. Many people confuse termites with ants and think that these are some species of ant.

But this is not true, termites are completely different from ants. These are whitish and stay hidden in confined environments where they can stay warm and moist. When termites want to enter a place first they build mud leads to move from the ground to that place. These can be attached to pipes or downspouts.

So if you want to check that your house has termites or not check these places first. Termites also produce a sound which can be a great sign to understand that your house is infested with termites.

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Types Of Termites

There are two common types of termites.

Subterranean Termites

This is the most common type of termites. They usually nest below the home and travel upwards to feed on wood. They can be very damaging and threatening.

Dry Wood Termites

This type of termites nest in woods and can infest any part of the house from attics to walls to furniture. If your house has any of these termites make sure to contact us and we will make your place termites free.

How Will Our Team Remove Termites From Your House?

Termites can be a big threat to the furniture of your house. They never stop eating wood. Therefore, we make sure to remove termites from your place as soon as possible. This will include: In the removal process of termites from your house, our team's first step will be to thoroughly check your house. Because sometimes it gets difficult to find all the termites and they can destroy all your furniture.

When they will finally find all the termites then they will start the removal process. We have the most advanced and effective termite control products and technologies. Our team will make sure to remove all the termites from your home.